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TMD/The Meltdown is a scene party, held to keep the scene spirit alive, we have only scene related competitions, and of course our well attended surprice compos. We have no games, no big prizes, but our goal is to host a well organized and well attended scene party, where our visitors will go home with a special feeling and will look forward to the next party.

The winners in the competitions will be found democratically, all competitions will be subject to a competent jury, who has the right to drop contributions if there are too many entries. The size and amount of prizes always depends on the amount of visitors and sponsors.

During the party there will be several things for your pleasure, like 24H kiosk, bigscreen, great sound, 100 mbit network, Internet and of course a great atmosphere.

TMD is held once a year in October in the cantina on Skive Business College (Skive Handelsskole), Arvikavej 2 DK-7800 Skive. To find the party place feel free to use Krak.

If you have any questions or comments, drop us a line or visit our irc channel at #tmd.

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